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Skydive Radio only promotes products or services that we believe have quality behind them and would be of interest to our listeners.  You will not find "Random Google Ads" or other forms of advertisements on our website that have been placed solely for the purpose of generating revenue.  We feel that this philosophy provides additional value to those services, products and events that we do choose to promote.


On-Air Advertising

Skydive Radio show sponsorships are a unique advertising opportunity not available anywhere else in the skydiving industry and offer several key benefits. 

Worldwide Distribution - Skydive Radio currently reaches over 5000 active skydivers in more than 25 countries across the globe and is continually growing.  In addition to the website, the show is available free of charge on iTunes and all the major podcast directories.  We also have content relationships with other popular online skydiving destinations.  These things all combine to make Skydive Radio easily discoverable and assessable to anyone with a computer, smartphone or mp3 player.

Content Embedded Advertising - Skydive Radio wants the advertising we do to be compelling to our listeners and we want to insure that the advertisers we work with are actually being heard.  We accomplish both these goals by building the advertising spots into the actual show content.  This means that we do not break away to a pre recorded ad like you might hear in traditional radio.  Instead, the hosts have a conversation about the advertisers service or product in each episode.  This often leads to stories or other tangents and eventually comes back around to the product.  In this way we keep our listeners interested in what they are hearing and at the same time deliver the advertisers message to an attentive audience.  This style also has the added benefit of the message being delivered to the listeners directly from the hosts who they have built a level of trust with.

Free Show Archives - Every episode Skydive Radio has ever produced is available free of charge in our archives.  Every month we pick up new listeners who download our entire back catalogue.  This means that once your episode is released it will continue to reach new listeners indefinitely at no additional cost to you. 

Limited Sponsorships - Skydive Radio limits sponsors to 3 per episode.  This keeps our listeners happy and prevents our sponsors from drowning each other out.  Also, we will never sell advertising to sponsors who we consider to be in direct competition with each other in the same episode or during an extended campaign.

Competitive Pricing -  Current advertising prices are listed below.  All show sponsorships will be accompanied with complementary online banner advertising on the Skydive Radio website for the duration of the advertising campaign.

Individual episodes   - $475 each

4 or more episodes   - $425 each

12 or more episodes - $325 each

When compared to other forms of online and print advertising that can often be skipped over by readers, we believe you will find Skydive Radio to be the best advertising value available in the skydiving industry.


Online Banner Advertising

All banner ads must be approved  by Skydive Radio™.   X-rated and flashing ads are strictly prohibited.  Ads can be images in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. They can also be Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight movies. Any movies with audio must default to audio off.

For advertising of events where timing is critical, we offer permanent placement advertisements.  These prices are subject to change based on demand and average page views per day.

  • 268x138 banner on every page with a sidebar for 7 days: $35

"BLOCK" Ads are 268px wide by 138px tall:

  • 5,000 impressions: $25 ( $5.00 CPM )
  • 15,000 impressions: $60 ( $4.00 CPM )
  • 25,000 impressions: $75 ( $3.00 CPM )
  • 100,000 impressions: $250 ( $2.50 CPM )


"MEGA BLOCK" Ads are 268px wide by 408px tall:

  • 5,000 impressions: $50 ( $10.00 CPM )
  • 15,000 impressions: $120 ( $8.00 CPM )
  • 25,000 impressions: $150 ( $6.00 CPM )
  • 100,000 impressions: $500 ( $5.00 CPM )

For more information please contact Dave Schwartz for a personal consultation at 402.499.5867, or email


*Please note that impression based ads will be running in parallel with each other, so the length of the campaign in days could vary greatly depending on how many sponsors we have at a particular point in time.

**Also note that under most situations, running twice as many smaller ads is more effective than half as many larger ads.  This depends greatly on what percent of our demographics would be interested in your content and how effective your banner artwork is at catching attention, but experience has shown us that quantity over size is more effective over 75% of the time.

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