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1/14/2009 10:14 AM

FYI , These are the items that we want to have finished before March 1st.  Let us know if you would like to see functionality on the site beyond these items:

  • Online flash based "Listen Now" functionality to launch a player in a separate window.
  • Ability to add online listen now player to your own website or social networking page by cut and pasting script.
  • Ability to search show listings by topics in shows page.
  • Fix the Store!
  • Change all URL and Email references in show descriptions to hyperlinks.
  • Add map that pinpoints subscriber locations by zip code / country (this is why we require these feilds at registration).

Some longer term integration thoughts include more integration with social networking services.  My thought is that I'm going to 'shrink wrap' the podcasting module that I developed for DotNetNuke (the platform this website is running on) into a product that I can sell to others at a price point ~$100.  If there is enough interest in the product I can justify the additional development time.

Blue Skies,

Matt - A new breed of dropzone management software.
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