Podcasting Help

So what is a podcast? Simply put, a podcast is a collection of online audio or video content that can be subscribed to using software like iTunes, which can be downloaded for free here. Once you subscribe to a podcast all future episodes of that show will be automatically downloaded to iTunes as soon as they are released. From there you can listen to them on your computer, burn them to a CD or move them to a portable music player like an iPod or other MP3 player.

If you have iTunes installed on your computer subscribing to Skydive Radio is easy. Just click on “Subscribe to this podcast using iTunes” in the left hand navigation bar. This will launch iTunes and take you to the Skydive Radio section. There you will see a button that says “Subscribe”. Give it a click and that’s all there is to it. Now every time Skydive Radio releases a new episode it will automatically show up in iTunes. Best of all, subscribing to Skydive Radio is completely FREE!

Don’t want to use iTunes? No problem. Just copy and paste the following URL into your preferred podcasting client to subscribe to the Skydive Radio feed.



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