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Aug 30, 2005

  • Dave is jumping again after an injury.
  • Steven makes his first wingsuit jump.
  • Dollar Daze is this week!
  • Pic of the week - John shows us how to finish off a swoop with grace. Photograph by Bill O.
  • Jerry Eddens breaks Nebraska state record for jumps in a day and raises money for the American Cancer Society.
  • Funny dz story...

Aug 23, 2005

  • Sorry about the web site problems. 
  • is the world's single best source for skydiving information.
  • You don't need an iPod to subscribe to the show.
  • Pic of the week:  Melissa Newman sit flies over Skydive Elsinore. Photograph by JT Valente.
  • More prizes coming up.
  • Listener emails.
  • Kansas Cessna...

Aug 15, 2005

  • Thanks so much for all the positive feedback. Less than a week and the show is being listened to in 18 different countries.
  • Stump has a pilot chute in tow on a board jump.
  • A club member gets smoked.
  • First Pic of the Week winner: This week's photo was taken over Puerto Escondido Mexico on December 31st 2004. Photo by...

Aug 9, 2005

  • Introductions
  • Thanks to Lee Bowes for the intro music. More info on Lee and his band Willis at
  • Format overview for Skydive Radio.
  • First email or voicemail played on show gets a free pair of Airfoil Goggles.
  • First photo featured on Pic of the Week gets a free Dollar Daze 2004 DVD.
  • Non-skydiving...