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Nov 29, 2005

  • Sorry about the website problems.
  • We now have 300 gigs of bandwidth a month.
  • Pic of the Week by Mark Ehrmantraut: Calder Chernoff goes for a jump with a giant snowball.
  • Stump's new RV might not be all he hoped for.
  • Question and answer session with Bill Booth.


Nov 22, 2005

  • Superman and Gayle's reception party.
  • Stump has a future dorkboard brother.
  • Mike Hoy creams a cameraman from CMT. See the video at
  • Pic of the Week by Scott Callantine: Aaron Evans makes a jump on his birthday at the end of 2004 over Blue Skies Skydiving in Bremerton,...

Nov 15, 2005

  • Doug turns 40
  • Jenn continues to dis her husband.
  • Email or voicemail us your weekend dropzone stories.
  • Free jump for Gayle if she wants it.
  • Pic of the Week by Zvika Mhauz: jumpers over Israel build a 12-way "Star of David."
  • Conversation with Nick DiGiovanni.
  • T-shirts are back in stock, order yours today.


Nov 8, 2005

  • A few quick corrections. Jenn didn't come to Atlanta with us so Cory gets a T-shirt.
  • Pic of the Week by Gary "Superfletch" Fletcher: Rick West takes topless Shayna Richardson on a tandem during the 25th annual Couchfreaks boogie.
  • Conversation with Brian Germain.
  • Listener Email.
  • First mailing list contest winner...

Nov 1, 2005

  • Our first "live on location" podcast from Skydive Atlanta in Thomaston, GA during the 7th annual Atlanta Freeflight Festival.
  • Pick of the Week by Brian Buckland: Team Mandrin members Eric Deren, Jon Pinyon, Kyle Starck, Dave Brown, and videographer Brian Buckland.
  • Conversations with Jon Pinyon and Eric Deren of Team...