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Aug 29, 2006

  • Dave is off to Skydive Chicago for the rest of the year.
  • Couchfreaks is this weekend, BE THERE!
  • Pic of the Week - Jim Twardowski performs his signature "Candy Cane" routine at the 2004 EAA Airventure airshow in Oshkosh, WI.
  • Conversation with Liberty Parachute Team member, Jim Twardowski.
  • Stump learns that tube stows...

Aug 22, 2006

  • Pic of the Week - Carlos Pedro stretches out over Skydive Venezuela. Photo by Luis Rotundo.
  • Conversation with Chris Schindler of
  • Listener email.


Aug 15, 2006

  • Several boogies coming up for the SDR crew.
  • Pic of the Week is Sharky and Hickey from team Chute Out perform a 2-stack hook turn to get back on course to the dropzone. Photo by Rob Douthat.
  • Conversation with ear, nose, and throat Specialist, Dr. Stuart Selkin.
  • Listener email and a review of our review.


Aug 8, 2006

  • Skydive Radio celebrates its first birthday!
  • Weekend stories.
  • Pic of the Week - removed by SDR by request.
  • Conversation with canopy instructor Scott Miller.
  • Check out Joe Jennings article on the front page of
  • Listener email.
  • Thank you to all who have helped make Skydive Radio a success. We look...

Aug 1, 2006

  • Water jumps.
  • Prize give aways.
  • Pic of the week - Wingsuits flock together over Cochstedt, Germany. Photo by Mark Harris.
  • Conversation with Birdman Instructor and Author Scott Campos.
  • Dropzone of the Month - Skydive Ft. Wayne.
  • Listener email.
  • New SDR shirts on the way