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Sep 20, 2021

  • Steve and JaNette discuss what’s next for them and Rhythm
  • Andy Malchiodi and Matt Fry discuss the new vertical sequential world record
  • DZ of the Month - Skydive Tecumseh 
  • Electric 8-way
  • Mike Gruwell discuss PIA
  • Steve and JaNette Describe Your Jump
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses altitude awareness 
  • Pic of...

Sep 5, 2021

  • J-Russ and the Lefkowi (all 3 of them) join Dave in the home studio at Skydive Chicago.  
  • World meet discussed
  • Summerfest Discussed
  • Landing off in the corn
  • Steve and JaNette Describe Your Jump 
  • First jump excitement
  • iFly Corporate 
  • Christopher Fikes of
  • Mike Gruwell of discusses covid...