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Jul 6, 2021

  • J-Russ and Danimal join Dave and Stump in the home studio
  • Hiring issues at the dropzone
  • Freedom Fest
  • World meet thoughts from J-Russ
  • iFly corporate tunnels and skydivers
  • When is it too hot to jump?
  • After how many years of not jumping should you sell your gear?
  • Danimal talks about some of the nastier jobs around the dz
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses altitude awareness in line twists
  • Pic of the Week - Left to right, Paul-Henry De Baere, Bill Booth, Tom Noonan, Jim Wigginton and Glenn Singleman stand in front of a Twin Otter on skis on the skiway at Union Glacier Antiartica.  Photo by Terri Booth
  • Feature Interview - Bill Booth and Tom Noonan on expedition jumping
  • How to get on big ways both freely and belly
  • Tips on finding teammates
  • Where would you be today if you had never made a single skydive
  • Tips for a new A-license holder
  • Most memorable jumps