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May 1, 2009

  • Dave, Stump, and Karry are recording together in the same room; welcome to Florida, Stump! He also receives a tandem job offer at Sebastian so we all might be together again.
  • Watch a video of a static line in-tow at
  • Safety First with Brian Germain episode 4: closing loops.
  • Dave and Karry spend a week at Skydive Spaceland for the Texas State Record. All but 3 jumps were weathered out so Dave hangs a hammock inside the Otter.
  • Karry has a birthday!
  • Shout out to Marcus Wolf of Germany. Thanks, Marcus, for the Don Julio Margarita gift set.
  • "Are yall willin' to show all yalls boobs?"
  • Skydive Chicago is now an official sponsor of Skydive Radio.
  • Skydive Chicago, setting the standard -
  • Pic of the Week: Martin Klampferer ground launches at Rifflsee in the Pitztal Valley of Austria. Photo by Michael Uhrmann.
  • Conversation with master rigger Mike Gruwell about preparing for the jump season before the season begins.
  • Caw CAW!
  • Listener e-mail by Dano.
  • AFF student, Fred Baer, has a much better jump experience than his first jump.
  • Helicopter Jerry sends in 10 simple rules to aid you in inappropriate fist bumping.