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Mar 31, 2010

  • This week's show is brought to you by ChutingStar Rigging Loft in Rockmart, Georgia and Skydive Chicago.
  • Special guest listener this week is Rob Stevenson... he'd say hello but he doesn't have a mic.
  • Dave and Karry record seminars at the Skydive Expo in Deland but who knows if you'll ever get to hear any of it.
  • Give it up for Mike Gruwell of ChutingStar Rigging Loft! ChutingStar not only acts as a local rigging loft but is also a fully-stocked, online gear service & sales outlet. Items are shipped throughout the world every day. Education is a focus with ChutingStar with their online blog section known as the Rigger Rant & Rave. And we hear they are in the middle of production on a few hundred "how to" videos for their site as well. Skydive Radio listeners receive an additional 5% discount with online purchases (coupon code: skydiveradio).
  • Safety First with Brian Germain: Checklists and Procedures. Ask Brian to talk on a safety subject by leaving a voicemail at 575.SDR.TALK.
  • Pic of the Week is Niklas Daniel capturing his own shadow on the bottom skin of his canopy over Perris Valley.
  • Skydive Chicago is open! SDC has a busy season planned with events such as Battle at Midway, Summerfest, and USPA Nationals to name only a few.
  • Chris Peterson wants to know how to set loved ones' minds at ease and gives a shout-out to Skydive Southwest Florida.
  • Interview with proximity flier Julian Boulle.
  • Poor Meredith gets all her shit stolen in Puerto Rico. Good thing she has a gaggle of friends who supply her with rum and get her back to Chicago. Guess Meredith isn't so poor after all.
  • THURSDAY-THURSDAY-THURSDAY.... poker night. Make a side bet with Jim "Guido" Harris and you're prolly gonna win.