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May 1, 2010

  • This week's show is brought to you by ChutingStar Rigging Loft, Tony Suits, and Skydive Chicago.
  • Stump, while still in Florida, sleeps through a load, and Dave falls really really fast.
  • Check out ChutingStar's blog called Rants and Raves. Here you find information on gear price comparisons, packing tips, first-looks at products, and all things related to skydiving and rigging.
  • Safety First with Brian Germain: Cutaway or reserve... karma just might make the difference.
  • This episode's Pic of the Week is a 10-way sunset CRW formation over Sebastian, FL. It's got everything Dave likes. Photo by April Schuldt.
  • Dave sells a jumpsuit because it gets him half the money to purchase a new Tony Suit. Creative Financing?
  • Steve and JaNette Lefkowitz of SDC's Team Rhythm talk about how to be organized. Basically, don't be THAT guy.
  • Skydive Chicago hosts PD's Battle at Midway June 11-13. This 4-way FS and VFS competition has a cash purse totaling $10,000.
  • Listener e-mail from Corey Cotton.
  • Stump wins the poker game. Since the last time he won was too long ago, we'll call this a first! Join the next game this Thursday night.