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May 15, 2010

  • Dave and Karry are back in the home studio at Skydive Chicago, drinking blue yummies, and loving life.
  • We have a new logo thanks to Pierre from Blue Skies Mag.
  • Shirts and hats are on the way.
  • Many thanks to Steven Galinsky for our first logo, it has served us well.
  • There is a new fancy-schmancy audible in town. The N3 Audio is a standard audible/electronic logbook with added sound features. It plays music and can even be programmed to speak in your voice. This and many other paraphernalia available at Chuting Star Rigging Loft.
  • Safety First with Brian Germain: 2 canopies out... OUCH!
  • PD's Battle at Midway, June 11-13, is SDC's frist major event of the season.
  • Some girl named Whitney wants you to get your 4way team together and join the competition.
  • Pat Moorehead talks with Dave about rings-n-ropes, baton pass, double L parachutes, and many other old school skydiving topics. More jump history with Pat on the next show.
  • Pic of the Week is jumpers exiting a C182RG at Aversi in Denmark. Photo by Thomas Vince.
  • Shout out from Geoff in Tasmania to his girlfriend Mel for putting up with non-stop skydiving blathering.
  • Shout out from Jay Rech to any DZ with a new jump plane.
  • Shout out from "Helicopter" Jerry to Arizona Airspeed for turning a whopping 74 points in just 34 seconds. Wow!
  • Listener email asks if we at SDR are ignorant. The answer: YES:)
  • Poker this Thursday at 9:00 EST.