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Aug 25, 2010

  • Stump has plumbing drama. Hope everything comes out okay in time for the next show.
  • Guest hosts are David Enete and Meredith Ottery.
  • Summerfest just gets better and better: heli-fireworks, Dave takes 3rd in the hit-n-chug, Karry's doesn't stop talking about being in the women's camp. Get over yourself, girl!
  • Our sponsor ChutingStar has an updated website. It's professional, super easy to use, and they offer the best customer service - hands down.
  • Safety First with Brian Germain: Hypoxia... don't be a blue-skin. We're recording more Safety First spots with Brian in less than a week so get us your topics ASAP.
  • Pic of the Week is Kevin Marrs landing at Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Hinkley, IL. Photo by Greg Drogaline.
  • Interview with John LeBlanc Part 2.
  • Facebook topic by David Enete: kids at the dropzone - jumping has stopped, it's time to go to bed.
  • Joshua Hunt returns to skydiving after 2 years and a sketchy AFF level 1 jump.
  • Russ Haas sends a voice mail.
  • Waz, on the way to altitude, writes a song because he has plenty of time. It's called, "Freeflying on Sunday."
  • Buy our shit.