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Apr 16, 2014

  • Steve talks about how he has avoided a reserve ride for over 5500 jumps straight.
  • Steve and JaNette describe slow fall techniques that can help jumpers get back up to the formation after going low.
  • Pro tip for those moving into skydiving full time.
  • New Rhythm video series.
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses hard openings and how to avoid them.
  • Pic of the Week - The new SOS record builds over Skydive Arizona. Photo by Mike McGowan.
  • A punctuality observation.
  • Feature interview with Mike Steen and Matt Gerdes on Speed Flying, Paragliding, and Winsuit Proximity Flying.
  • Having the "family talk" as a new jumper.
  • More on jumping in clouds where it's legal.
  • Jump planes with stereos?