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Mar 30, 2020

  • The Radio Skydive UK crew joins Dave and Stump via Zoom
  • UK Skydiving grinds to a halt over Covid-19
  • How will the industry cope with an extended shut down?
  • Voicemail from Slovakia
  • Introducing a new segment called "Steve and JaNette describe your jump". You send us your name, home dz and how many jumps you have and we'll describe one of your jumps on the show. They might tell you about a past jump or see into your future.
  • How to pass the time in quarantine
  • Who cuts away first when CRW goes to crap?
  • Stump has first world social media problems
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses landing at high elevations
  • Pic of the Week - Palmer Leech plays in daddy’s canopy. Photo by Nate Leech
  • Feature Interview - Ian Drennen, Sandy Grillet and Scott Roberts on Canopy Flocking
  • Traveling abroad with your rig