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Sep 29, 2009

  • This week's show is brought to you by Skydive Sebastian's Keys Boogie and Skydive Chicago.
  • Help stop power lines from being erected along the SDC dropzone. In the noteworthy words of Kirk Smith, "We're against that!" Go to and join the letter writing campaign.
  • Jump4Hope is successful in raising and donating $36,000 to the American Cancer Society.
  • LSPC's tandem and static-line programs flourish.
  • Members unable to make the Couch Freaks Boogie receive a surprise visit from a jumpable helicopter.
  • Russ Haas gets a gold star for yet another creative plan for obtaining higher altitude. Careful Linda, sounds like Russ has figured out it's much easier and cheaper if you're just, "... willin' to show yall's boobs!"
  • Safety First: Brian Germain gives an alternate method for getting out of line twists.
  • Skydive Sebastian is hosting the Keys Boogie this November 5-8. Visit for more information.
  • Blue Skies Magazine continues to impress us.
  • Pic of the Week is Johnny Longspot striking a pose over Green Bay Skydivers in Pulaski, WI. Photo by Russ Haas.
  • Melissa Nelson is engaged - congrats! She also reads an excerpt from her father's true life story, Sugar Alpha, to be published in the near future.
  • Make a trip to Skydive Chicago and learn first hand what all the hooplah is about. The Tiki Bar, Sky Lounge, and Eat Up Cafe all offer scrumptious food and drinks after a long day of jumping.
  • Voicemail by Jason Waller compliments SDR and approves the "sexy voice" method of getting people's attention.