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Sep 28, 2010

  • This episode brought to you by Skydive Chicago and Chuting Star.
  • Skydive Radio turns 5 years old.
  • Dave returns to his static line roots on the 20th anniversary of his first jump.
  • Stump hearts Colorado.
  • Discussion on Dollar Daze and the US Nationals. Check out Skydive TV's coverage at
  • Brian Germain discusses the flare in this weeks Safety First.
  • Pic of the Week - Andreas Balbina and Stojan Pluess fly head down during the Mountain Gravity Boogie over Ambri, Switzerland. Photo by Andreas Schibli.
  • Conversation with Col. Joseph Kittinger about the Red Bull Stratos project.
  • Discussion on spotting in the mountains as seen in this youtube video
  • Listener email.
  • Thanks to all our listeners who helped support the fight against the power lines that will NOT be built at Skydive Chicago.
  • A couple shout outs from Karry and Stump.