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Dec 14, 2011

  • Steve and JaNette Lefkowitz join the SDR crew this week to fill us in on their experience at the Dubai Cup.
  • Are packers heading towards an airline business model?
  • A bit more talk about toggle stowing.
  • SDC Rhythm XP holds tryouts to replace Team member Rob Radez.
  • Congratulations to SDR listener Ria Moothilal and his team who just finished a 7700 mile bicycle trip from Cape Town to Cairo.
  • Safety first with Brian Germain discusses skydiving helmets.
  • Pic of the Week - Mike Hoy takes Jenny Bridgewater for a tandem jump from a hot air balloon. Photo by John Musgrave.
  • Conversation with original Airspeed member Dan BC.
  • Are you ever too old to skydive?
  • Pressure equalization tubes may help some jumpers.
  • An inside joke for our new friend Steph.