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Apr 11, 2012

  • Flight Camp was a really cool event.
  • Wingsuit rodeo's make fun tracking dives.
  • Should packers be required to be riggers discussed in a bit more detail.
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses rears vs. toggles.
  • Dave and Karry talk about their experience with Brian's new online canopy course.
  • If the pilot gives you a thumbs up you might want to look behind you.
  • Fistbumps revisited...again. Dave says "always accept, never offer".
  • SVCO Tunnel contest winner announced.
  • We say goodbye to our friend Jason Eisenzophf.
  • Pic of the Week - Members of the Red Bull Skydive Team fly formation with a Twin Otter over Skydive Sebastian. Photo by Jason Eisenzopf.
  • Sebastian's general manager Andrea tells us about her first experience with the dropzone.
    Are tunnels killing dropzones? We think not.
  • Moe Viletto phones in with some information on 3 ring systems.
  • Karry talks about her body...sort of.