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Sep 5, 2012

  • Rook Nelson and the Lefkowitz guest host.
  • Stump brings us a report on Couchfreaks 2012.
  • Are the old school style boogies dying?
  • Rainbow Boogie 2012 produces a "big gay record".
  • Would you do as many jumps if freefall lasted longer?
  • BSBD discussed.
  • You might be a newbie crush the person sitting behind you on a light load.
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses emergency aircraft exits.
  • Steve's hybrid philosophy revealed.
  • Pic of the Week - Mike Hoy and Amada Kubik fly a Mr. Bill over Paradise Skydives in Vinton Iowa. Photo by "Doc" John Musgrave.
  • Counterpoint - Rook Nelson vs. Steve and JaNette Lefkowitz on barrel rolls at breakoff.
  • Listener email.