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Jul 15, 2017

  • Steve and JaNette Lefkowitz join Dave and Stump in the home studio.
  • Mr Bill jumps
  • A little Snell on your slider
  • Vertical Suits turns 10
  • 3rd Annual Freedom Freefall Event
  • You might be a newbie if….you turn on your GoPro to early
  • Another reason not to attach your seatbelt to your chest strap
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses aging reserves
  • Pic of the Week - Jumpers over Skydive Arizona complete an “80” formation to celebrate Ed Vanderpas’ (7 o’clock position in the 0) 80th birthday. Photo by Terry Schumacher.
  • Feature interview with USPA’s Ed Scott on ATC Privatization
  • Moe Viletto on learning to skydive by driving
  • James Dickson on Jump for Jaclyn fundraiser