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Mar 10, 2010

  • Bunny is GO!!!
  • Weather looks like it may be starting to break everywhere.
  • Dave and Karry go to the Puerto Rico Boogie again this year. Free rum and beach landings, what more could you ask for?
  • Shout out to Marianna from Skydive New England. We first met her at the Invasion Boogie then again in Puerto Rico.
  • Skydive Chicago is currently running a dz on South Padre Island, TX during the month of March. Tandems and fun jumpers are welcome.
  • This week's Safety First with Brian Germain is about returning to skydiving from a long layoff.
  • An email from Andy Byzet asking about different jump planes is read.
  • Pic of the Week: Arizona Arsenal does a training jump over Skydive Spaceland. Artistic photo by Ori Kuper.
  • Dave converses with Amy Chmelecki about her prediction for the next VFWR, "To be CRUSHED!"
  • TJ Spear from Quad Cities Skydiving Center sends in an email describing his predicament after acrobatically placing his legs in his lines upon deployment.
  • Sara Robinson receives a big thank you and shout out from Tara Poteet for being a great friend and a, "damn good," AFF instructor.
  • One final shout out from the hosts of SDR to Martin Klamphera. Karry met Martin when he handed her a donation to the show during the Invasion Boogie. Thanks Martin, you rock!
  • Skydive Radio is to attend the Skydive Expo in hopes of getting some great audio content for future shows.
  • Don't forget Thursday night poker. Who knows what shenanigans are to happen next?