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Feb 27, 2007

  • Congratulations to Marc and Sha Hobbs.
  • Do closet bellyfliers exist?
  • Myspace update.
  • Pic of the week is a sunset round over Venezuela, by Daniel Vinals.
  • Conversation with Karen Hawes of Remote Area Medical -
  • Several good listener e-mails including a guy named 'Beer' and a yodeling song.


Feb 20, 2007

  • SDR correspondents Brothers Gray with various guests from Xtreme Divers Puerto Rico boogie, including Guy Wright.
  • DZ of the Month with Skydive Orange.
  • Pic of the Week by Luis Rotundo: instructor Jesus Sojo with Donna over Skydive Venezuela.
  • Stump got to jump for the first time since his surgery.
  • Help support the show...

Feb 13, 2007

  • Where were we last week?
  • Listener e-mails.
  • Pic of the Week by Konstantin Briukhanov: Michael Shatalov carving at The Ranch in Gardiner, NY.
  • PIA conversation with Douglas 'Spot' Spotted Eagle. Check out his interviews on under user VasstTraining.
  • Dave phones in to talk about home invasion.
  • Outro music is...