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Jul 13, 2016

  • Jason Russell and Tom DiNardo join Dave and Stump.
  • UFO jump.
  • Tom crashes his PPG.
  • Hop and Pop’s with GoPro’s?
  • The path to becoming a jump pilot.
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses a recent malfunction Dave had and some of the possible mistakes that were made.
  • Front risers or harness only for swooping?
  • Should dropzones offer financial assistance for certification courses?
  • Pic of the Week - Steve Gregor exits a balloon over Skydiving Kiwi’s of New Zealand. Photo by Ian Purvis.
  • Feature interview - Bill Morrissey part 1.
  • Hot fueling Twin Otters.
  • Angle flying for the non freeflyer?
  • Boogies and events you’ve not been to but would like to attend in the future.